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What is a
Partnership Charter?

A Partnership Charter (PC) is a breakthrough methodology for designing business partnerships. It's actually the only structured process that helps partners clarify both the business and interpersonal sides of their partnership.

Traditional Partnership Agreements are useful for protecting the rights of partners, but they serve a narrow legal purpose. PCs have a much broader goal, which is facilitating in-depth discussions that make it easy for partners to grasp the complexity of being partners. The Design Your PartnershipTM tool contains workbooks, facilitates the discussions and negotiations, and helps memorialize the partners' understandings, commitments, and agreements in a 60-90 page Charter document.

Charters notably lower the risks of having partners while significantly amplify the benefits.  

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Design any complex partnership in 3 simple steps using the Charter process



The PC Workbook is like a short course in partnerships. It touches every critical topic and on their own partners discover the issues and enter their thoughts – the first step in designing a healthy, resilient partnership.



Going back and forth – sharing and listening – each partner reveals their thoughts about what's important to them. They creatively discover what works for them and build a foundation based on everyone's ideas.



The partners' Guides edit what was generated in the Joint Meetings. The platform helps draft a 70-100 page Charter that memorializes the partners' understandings, commitments and agreements.

The DYP tool

The DYP™ tool puts the Partnership Charter process into action. Each of the 3 PC steps has a corresponding part in the DYP tool.

The PC's been
employed and refined with hundreds of partners. In the world of business partners, the PC process and the DYP tool are unique.

There’s nothing like it for entrepreneurs who want to understand both the business and interpersonal sides of their partnerships. Most partners know both sides exist and having a tool to thoroughly address them is incredibly advantageous.

Partners get exactly what they're looking for

Confidence they've thoroughly addressed the issues that create partner conflict
Specific ways to put their personal values and communication styles to practical, everyday use
A document capturing their understandings, commitments, and agreements, which they can refer to whenever necessary
Alignment on the future: where they're headed and  their endgame
A document they can revisit periodically for partnership "check-ups"

The PC process leaves nothing to chance

Everything partners struggle with can be found in these 13 topics

Vision & Direction
Conflict Handling Styles
Contributions & Rewards
Personal Values
Personal Styles
Roles & Authority
Scenario Planning
Managing Disagreements

Design Your Partnership™ – DYP – is the world’s only online tool for partnership-building.
That's not its only advantage.

Tailored workbooks
Virtual and in-person
DYP technology
Guide Tips
Scheduling and navigation
Charter document
Joint Meetings
Secure platform
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Either one or two "Guides" (advisors who manage the entire process from start to finish) keep the partners progressing, make sure they don't skip over any sensitive or difficult conversations, document their understandings and agreements, and write and revise the Charter drafts.

The Guides also ensure partners thoroughly understand the complexity of their partnership, and the connections among the 13 critical elements.

Partially Guided

Partners with limited financial resources, or a "do-it-ourselves" flair can elect to do some or all the work on their own. Partners use the same Workbook and templates, but must facilitate their own discussions and negotiations, and be responsible for drafting their Charter.

With a licensed PC advisor in the wings, partners do have the option of requesting facilitation with some of their negotiations, or converting to a  Guided Charter if they get bogged down anywhere in the process. DYP allows that to happen seamlessly.

Hands down the best book ever written about business partnerships

A typical Partnership Charter book review on Amazon or Audible reads something like this: 
"If I'd only found this book 5 years ago when I got into a partnership with my best friend [or husband, officemate, sister]!"

For discounts on 25 or more books, contact BMC

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PC clients had this to say

"We actually got pretty far along in developing the Charter, and in the process decided that our primary
goals and vision weren't as aligned as we thought they were, and needed to be if we hoped to be
successful. Through some open and honest dialog, we decided to keep our two companies separate and
maintain a strategic relationship. While not exactly the result we’d hoped for, we both concluded it was
an excellent result of the process and says a lot about how valuable it was.
I’ve been singing the praises of the book and your PC process to everyone who will listen.  It stopped me
from making what could have been a huge mistake."

‍Austin, Texas

"We engaged BMC in a  Partnership Charter (PC) process at a critical juncture in our firm’s life. We needed more formal infrastructure and operating capabilities to meet increasing market demands. Thanks to the PC process and the expert help of our two Guides, we were able to crystallize our long-term vision and engage in dynamic conversations to align our personal styles, values, and strengths against reaching this vision. Our Charter clearly laid out the structures essential for our firm and gave the two of us a roadmap with milestones to track our progress as we became more successful and the firm grew. We are grateful for their partnership expertise, their guidance, and the high quality service they delivered throughout the process."

Amy Sue & Muriel Wilkins
Managing Partners, Paravis Partners

Slivers of ambiguity sooner or later
cause problems

Too little communication

Outright conflict

Underperforming partners

Misperceptions and misunderstandings

Employees start feeling the stress between partners

Partners conclude it's just not fun anymore!

BMC is a licensed user of Design Your Partnership

BMC professionals are trained and skilled in the use of the groundbreaking PC process and the user-friendly “Design Your Partnership”™ tool. They can provide any level of facilitation and support partners may need when developing a Partnership Charter.

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For advisors who work with partners

If you advise partners and are interested in learning more about using the DYP tool and the Partnership Charter process in your practice, this link will take you to TPCI's website.

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