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The Partnership charter

The Partnership Charter by David Gage Millions of people co-own closely held companies, family businesses, and business partnerships, but establishing them and keeping them together is never easy. Here, finally, is the guide they have been waiting for.... Read More


BMC’s clients and their advisors provide the most important proof of the effectiveness of our team and techniques. The following testimonials (some presented anonymously to respect the privacy of the client) are a few examples of the response BMC’s services have generated.

BMC Associates has the rare ability to look past the current climate of a partnership and see the grand opportunities the future holds.  Their perspective gave us the energy to tackle the projects in the Partnership Charter process.  BMC Associates, with their extensive experience, were able to guide us into mediations and negotiations on topics we’d never before considered negotiable…The Partnership Charter has left our partnership and LuRu in a resoundingly stronger position.  Seeing eye-to-eye on our differences, and re-defining them as strengths, is our most valuable takeaway.  — Principals of LuRu Home

I first engaged BMC as a result of a referral from one of our Board Members. Phillips is a family owned and operated business with the multitude of complexities which come with this arrangement. Ed Kopf and Dave Gage have worked diligently to understand our issues and help us come to a higher level of understanding and effectiveness. Ed and Dave are true professionals with a high level of competence — they have made a valuable contribution. — Alan Phillips, CEO, Phillips Corporation

[BMC]’s team approach, combining high level business and counseling skills, helped insure that we kept on track through very complex and charged discussions. The ability to recognize the skill set needed at different points, and bring them to the issues at hand, allowed us to do much more than would have been possible with just a business consultant. — CEO, International manufacturing firm founded and owned by husband and wife

As our company grew, the original partners found themselves increasingly at odds over the direction of the business, management styles, and values. As the company became more and more polarized, the partners engaged attorneys to represent their individual interests, and litigation appeared to be the only way out of the impasse. At the same time—not surprisingly–the business itself suffered. Then, in a rare show of agreement (based on a shared wariness of litigation), the partners engaged BMC to mediate. While each partner looked to BMC to vindicate his position, BMC astutely recognized that the best chance for resolution would be on the basis of a viable and successful business. BMC thus focused on helping the partners craft an operating agreement and corporate restructuring to achieve this goal. That agreement allowed the company to prosper sufficiently over the next several years to interest a Fortune 500 firm, which ultimately acquired our company. BMC’s success in getting the partners to attend to their common business interests rather than their personal differences facilitated an eventual positive outcome. — Kenneth Clansky, co-founder, Ariel Research Corporation

[BMC] did an outstanding job bridging the differences between the parties, facilitating communications, and laying out the options available to the parties for successful resolution of the business operations/structure. Ed Kopf and Scott Meza worked well with my law office regarding the needs of the parties and finalizing the legal documents for a successful resolution of the business dispute. I’m pleased to still be working with both parties after all this. Left the parties in a good position. — Robert Beatson, attorney for partnership that BMC assisted through owner buy-out

After reading The Partnership Charter, we wanted to take it further and implement it successfully so we hired [BMC.] They did an outstanding job with us and we would not hesitate to recommend them for helping potential and active business partners to strategize and plan for their relational success. They also went above and beyond to be available for us as we navigated the bumps along the way! Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. — Howard Rabotnick, Partner, regional construction and service firm

As a management consultant, I recommended BMC to one of my small business clients, a partnership in need of mediation. The results were excellent. Not only was the business saved, it has thrived thanks to the lessons learned from [BMC]’s effective guidance.  — Eitan Grunwald, Management Consultant, Associate of the Institute for Independent Business

David Gage’s book, The Partnership Charter, is the one I have recommended to business owners more than any other. — Doug Smith, Partner, Certified Business Transition Expert™, B@B CFO®