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The Partnership charter

The Partnership Charter by David Gage Millions of people co-own closely held companies, family businesses, and business partnerships, but establishing them and keeping them together is never easy. Here, finally, is the guide they have been waiting for.... Read More

Our Values

At BMC Associates, we are called upon to help our clients with issues of the greatest consequence. Often, the future of the businesses they have built (or are planning) are at stake. Almost always, crucial business and family relationships are involved. Reputations and self-esteem may be at risk. Recognizing these realities, we feel a profound responsibility to protect our clients’ interests and work for their welfare at all times.

In mediation, coaching, and all of our other services, we must earn and keep the trust of our clients. Staying true to our fundamental values helps us steer a course that justifies that trust.

  • Integrity.  We will always assure that our clients and others we deal with can be confident that BMC Associates will meet our commitments, be true to our word and to our values. While working on behalf of our clients or ourselves, we will always confine our activities to those that are fully legal and ethical.
  • Respect.  We believe that every competent individual has the right and capacity to make his or her own decisions. While helping our clients see creative alternatives and make thoughtful choices, we respect their right to chart their own course in business and life. We will not substitute our judgments for theirs. We will strive to see that our clients and others we deal with are treated in a respectful manner by us and all others involved in our engagements.
  • Neutrality.  We will never act in a way that purposefully advantages some clients and disadvantages others. Our role is to help all clients to serve as their own advocate as effectively as possible. Under no circumstances will we “take sides.” This value is at the heart of mediation methodology. But it is also a natural extension of our respect for others and our belief in their right to make their own decisions.
  • Collaboration.  We believe that collaboration can advance productivity and peace. Our work will always aim at enabling others to work more effectively with one another. We will not condone aggression or deception on our part or others’.
  • Confidentiality.  Our clients have the right to know that their confidences will be respected. We will always vigilantly protect the information our clients provide to us and the facts of their engagements from improper and unnecessary disclosure.
  • Efficiency.  We will provide our services in a manner that is mindful of our clients’ costs. Our goal is to help achieve our clients’ objectives as fully and efficiently as possible.

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