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The Partnership charter

The Partnership Charter by David Gage Millions of people co-own closely held companies, family businesses, and business partnerships, but establishing them and keeping them together is never easy. Here, finally, is the guide they have been waiting for.... Read More


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  • The Five Dysfunctions & The Partnership Charter

    Posting by Stewart Christ, MBA, Principal at BMC Associates

    I recently re-read Patrick Lenconi’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I was reminded of why I was to blown away by the book when I first read it. I have also reflected on the five dysfunctions that are described by Lenconi, and our experience with business partners.

  • Partners and Equity (Part 2): The Basic Principles of a Comprehensive Approach to Dividing Ownership
    Posting by Ed Kopf, Ph.D., Principal at BMC Associates In the first blog in this series, I described the many risks and opportunities that arise when partners discuss the division of equity among them. In Part 2, I explain the unique Comprehensive Contributions-based Equity Process (CCEP) that my colleagues at BMC Associates and I have developed that can minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of that critical discussion. In order to convey a concrete sense of how CCEP works, I use a hypothetical (and simplified) account of the equity discussions between the two founding partners.
  • Co-Ownership of Property: Generations Repeating Generations

    Posting by David Gage, Principal at BMC Associates

    I received this email message from a 40-something man whose grandparents had built a beautiful summer property on a northern lake. His mother was intending to offer to purchase it from her brothers and sisters who no longer saw eye to eye on how to maintain the property. His mother’s intention was to buy her siblings’ families out and then leave the property to him and his two siblings in her will.

  • So What Is a Business Partner?
    Posting by Stewart Christ, MBA, Principal at BMC Associates In business and personal life I often hear the term "partner." I thought I would share some observations about the various meanings and usage of this term in a business context. This is important because partner relationships are indeed demanding and, in spite of this fact, companies built by business partners are often more successful.
  • Celebration of Young Presidents’ Organization’s “Best of the Best” Education Award
    Stewart Christ is congratulated by Chuck Davis

    Stewart Christ is congratulated by Chuck Davis, 2012-2013
    International Chairman of YPO

    BMC is pleased to announce that the Washington DC & Baltimore Chapter of WPO, YPO's graduate group, was awarded the WPO Best Large Chapter Education award for their program entitled "Come Together." BMC is proud to have had a small hand in making it successful! BMC Principal Stewart Christ was the WPO Education Chair during this award-winning year. Stewart designed the business track event "Healthy Business Partners & Partnerships" with Dr. David Gage, the co-founder of BMC Associates.
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