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The Partnership charter

The Partnership Charter by David Gage Millions of people co-own closely held companies, family businesses, and business partnerships, but establishing them and keeping them together is never easy. Here, finally, is the guide they have been waiting for.... Read More

Want a Business Partner for Life? Get a Prenuptial

Washington Business Journal

Jennifer Nycz-Conner
Washington Business Journal
May 14, 2007

This article explores the risks that face new and potential business partners as they create their critical partnership relationship. Jennifer Nycz-Conner focuses on the Partnership Charter as a tool for getting off on the right foot — using the image of a pre-nuptial agreement “both for business people already in a marriage of financial sheets and those considering one.” Her interview with Ed Kopf provides insight into the substance and logistics of developing a charter with BMC. She points out that the importance of getting the partnership right is “especially true for family businesses, where the parties often can’t economically afford to split up the company and, maybe even more importantly, have to be able to sit next to one another at Thanksgiving and pass, not throw, the mashed potatoes.”

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