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Three Steps to Mediation: Step 1 Understanding Mediation

Step 1:  Understanding Mediation

Mediation is the best way to resolve most stubborn disputes. But it depends on the genuine commitment of the parties in conflict. The parties to your dispute need to understand the mediation process before committing themselves to it. The following sections of this website provide a good introduction to mediation.

Why use mediation? Mediation has the following advantages over other methods of conflict resolution:

Mediation Readiness Checklist

Mediation is not the answer to every disagreement. How suitable it is depends on the nature of the dispute and of the parties to it. BMC has developed simple Mediation Readiness Checklists that can help you gauge the suitability of mediation to your situation.

With a better understanding of how and when mediation works, partners need to assess their particular situation with a professional.

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