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Three Steps to Mediation: Step 3 Reach Agreement to Mediate

Step 3:  Reach Agreement to Mediate

Invite all of those able to affect the outcome of the dispute to participate in the mediation.

  1. Reluctant to mediate. If they have questions about mediation or doubts that it will work in your situation, suggest that they walk through this Three Steps to Mediation process.
  2. On-line workshop. If you are hesitant to raise the subject of mediation yourself, or if some of the parties want a better understanding of mediation, speak to us about arranging a free introductory live, on-line workshop on mediation from BMC for all of the parties.
  3. Preliminary Conflict Assessment. If you and others remain interested in mediation but are not ready to commit to the full process, you may want to commission a Preliminary Conflict Assessment from BMC for discussion among all of the players. This assessment, based on interviews with the parties and review of selected documents on the dispute, is a report and recommendation from BMC on the dispute and how best to deal with the issues.

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