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New Partner Questionnaire

Instructions for New Partner Questionnaire (NPQ)

Please rate the degree to which each statement reflects your partnership or partnership-to-be. Be certain to rate each statement. If any are omitted, your results will not be meaningful. When you submit you responses, you will be directed to a page that will present your results and provide feedback based on your responses. Your score will range from 0 to 48 depending on your answers. In general, a lower your score indicates a greater need to strengthen your new partnership. You will also have an opportunity to review the feedback for results other than your own.

 Very UntrueMostly UntrueNeither True nor FalseMostly TrueVery True
We all have been clear with one another about our expectations for each other.
We have been able to talk openly and honestly about money and other sensitive topics.
We all feel confident that we are on the same page with where we want the business to go.
If a partner wanted to be out of the business in 6 months, we have an agreed-upon strategy for how it would happen (i.e., how to determine a buy-out price and terms, money owed, etc.).
We have an agreement in place for how we will handle any serious disagreements that may arise.
We have agreed on who has the authority to make which decisions.
We understand how we will take money out of the company and how much we will keep in to grow the business.
If the company needed more cash to operate and one partner was unable to contribute in line with his or her equity stake, we’ve agreed on how it would be done.
I believe my partner is a person I can trust implicitly.
I think we can share very similar levels of ambition and commitment toward the business (and if not, those differences are reflected in some satisfactory way in our equity or financial arrangement).
We have talked about our personality styles and feel confident we can work well together.
We know each other and each other’s personal values well enough to believe we will be in sync and not in conflict when making important decisions.
Once you are satisfied with your answers, push