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The Partnership charter

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Focus on Family Lands Mediation and Consulting

BMC’s expertise is broad. We have served the conflict prevention and resolution needs of all major segments of the American economy. It is also focused and deep. BMC’s roster of principals and associates brings specialized experience and knowledge to many specific economic sectors. In particular, in over more than two decades of service, BMC has brought exceptional resources to its Focus on Family Lands.


When parcels of land pass from one generation to the next, they often carry unresolved problems that families or individuals are left to settle. By exercising open communication and creative thinking, family members often arrive at a collaborative decision. BMC Associates, with its strategic partner, Family Lands Consulting (FLC), helps resolve land issues through family meeting processes, facilitation, and mediation.

No matter how complex the issues, two goals are central: to assist family members in arriving at their best possible land use decisions and to preserve or reestablish family harmony. Our approach was created by Olivia Boyce-Abel, principal and owner of Boyce-Abel Associates & Family Lands Consulting. Olivia has been a preeminent mediator and consultant in the family lands arena for over 25 years.

The family meeting process is designed to promote consensus and maintain momentum. A series of interviews and facilitated meetings are scheduled according to issues and personal needs, with respect for the family’s privacy. The professionally neutral facilitator/mediator is the cornerstone of FLC’s success. The skill of an experienced professional mediator is often a critical factor in helping to resolve land use issues while creating and preserving family accord. Our services create a positive, non-adversarial environment for individual families or large groups.  While early planning is preferable, we can also help after disputes have arisen.

BMC & FLC’s purpose is to facilitate, to mediate, and to help parties achieve a workable collaboration. We seek creative ways to settle land issues and strengthen family ties. Our services in conjunction with FLC include:

  • Consultation with individual family members to help open dialogue.
  • Facilitation of group family meetings and retreats for ownership and governance decisions, land use, estate planning, and other individually pertinent topics.
  • Mediation of family land issues.
  • Assistance in creative planning and problem resolution.

The following PowerPoint presentation offers a concise example of the types of family lands challenges and solutions with which BMC regularly works. 

For more information on BMC’s services in family lands mediation and consulting, contact us at info@bmcassociates.com or (703) 465-1262.